2019 Volkswagen T-Cross Exterior, Interior, Engine And Price

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 - Volkswagen

The new 2019 Volkswagen T-Cross will be an acceptance model, and so on. Due to the fact that T-Cross is still miles away from access roads. However, this does not prove that we have no idea what to expect. The new Volkswagen T-Cross, the smallest SUV in the Manufacturers Group, has been fully unveiled.

2019 Volkswagen T Cross

It is an alternative to models such as Kia Stonic, Citroen C4 and Seat Arona. The Volkswagen T-Cross is based on Volkswagen Polo, but you will not know if you are looking at it. Compared to Polo, the T-Cross is much longer and you have the end of a front trick that makes it more impressive.

2019 VW T-Cross Exterior Styling

On the other hand, it has 17-inch metal wheels, and the VW Crossover enhancements make it look thicker. However, in the rear you can see the most distinctive feature of the T-Cross: a bar of ambient light running through the back of the car and comes with standard LED brake lights. For a vehicle that has the equipment you really need, such as air conditioning and alloy wheels, you should upgrade to the VW T-Cross Life, which also comes with full sensors.

Volkswagen Polo T Cross 2019

At the same time, there are design models at the top of the group, adding powerful LEDs, ambient lighting, sports seats and 17-inch wheels. Options to consider include things like Keyless Entry and Automatic Sliding Lights.

2019 VW T-Cross Interior Design

The VW T-Cross will be available with a choice of 12 paint coatings and a variety of wheel colors. Most models will also be available with a design package with uneven paint finishes for door mirrors and interior wheels, while you can get a sports steering wheel and a two-color design for upholstery and dashboard. The Sportier R-Line models, like the one shown here, get a tool kit, larger wheels and a simple internal disk. The Volkswagen T-Cross will offer a variety of interior colors that will make it feel more youthful than some of the larger Volkswagen models. However, it will be available with the same technology processed for other company cars. As a result, while the standard T-Cross comes with a 6.5-inch touchscreen, you can upgrade it to an 8-inch screen that will come with an information screen that replaces traditional faces behind the wheel with a high-resolution digital display. In total, you can supply your T-Cross with up to four USB sockets and a wireless charging base, while the Beats speaker has eight speakers with a full 300-watt speaker with an amplifier.

Volkswagen T Cross 2019 Dimensions

The Volkswagen T-Cross is longer and longer than the pole on which it depends, which means it is more practical in all areas. You and your passengers will face more head and leg than pole. The same will also be on the back, where you can get more adjustable space through the rear seat that can rotate, as well as slide back and forth up to 14 cm. Depending on the location of the seats, the T-Cross has a storage capacity of 385 to 455 liters, more than the largest Volkswagen Golf. With the rear seats folded, the T-Cross is comparable to a small truck with a total capacity of 1,281 liters and a front passenger seat that can (optionally) fold the truck from the front to carry the longer luggage.

Vw T Cross 2019 Ficha Tecnica

The heavy-duty load should not be difficult either, thanks to the ability to open the adjustable T-Cross shoe and fit it to a completely flat load unit. There is not enough space to store the shelves under the floor of the boot, but in the versions that do not have a spare wheel, you have enough space to hide some large and soft bags. The Volkswagen T-Cross will be available in three levels. The basic models are well established, with a 6.5-inch entertainment monitor, adjustable driver’s seat, four power windows and not many other features.

2019 VW T-Cross Engine Specs

Volkswagen can offer a wide variety engine of Volkswagen 2019 T-Cross. It is likely that the platform is a 1-liter TSI engine with 108 horsepower. What is available is that the German company can give the same model of displacement with 93 hp as a 1.2-liter engine that generates 88 hp. If you are looking for a complementary power, you will probably buy it with a 1.4-liter TSI system that is ideal for 147. At the top, it is rated on a 1.8-liter TSI that provides 189 horsepower, more than enough for T-Cross. The leading tire delivery is likely to be a traditional configuration, but Volkswagen is likely to provide a 5-frame approach with 4Motion.

2019 VW T-Cross Price And Release Date

Nuova Volkswagen T Cross 2019

Volkswagen did not specifically confirm how much it would cost, but you can expect the initial-level cars to return you around £17,000. The Volkswagen T-Cross order books will be opened in early 2019, but will not begin to see exhibitors in galleries until around April of the same year.

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