2021 Suzuki Equator Exterior, Interior, Engine And Price

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 - Suzuki

Everything started ideally in 2009 for Suzuki when the manufacturer launched a new model in the market. The Equator is expected to be a great alternative to the Nissan Frontier and a truck like many popular SUVs from Toyota, Nissan and Ford. However, the bad sale and bankruptcy of this model have been stopped and forgotten so far. This is the time for a big comeback for a big truck from a famous Suzuki manufacturer. The Suzuki Equator 2019 must stop for a long time during which the manufacturer has misfortune in many areas, including financing.

Suzuki Equator

It was first manufactured and planned in 2009, when the factory first left the factory, the company faced bankruptcy, which completely changed the market and stopped designing new models. Now, when these problems are resolved, Suzuki has far more problems to solve. After a decade of waiting for many things, the design changes, engine power and fuel economy, so the new models must simply follow the market requirements. It would be interesting to see how they achieved it.

2021 Suzuki Equator Exterior Styling

Being a large truck, with large wheels and extensive protection at the bottom of the bumpers, Equator will literally melt the earth. An aggressive front grill, covered with colored lines, has large LED lamps and is also below with a cord and protection from the metal.

Suzuki Equator Review

The rear also has large functional lights on the flat door of the truck and protection underneath. Since the previous model had a large cargo area, the manufacturer did not change it in this model.

2021 Suzuki Equator Interior Design

The Suzuki Equator 2021 must have a large interior space plus a large cargo area, but the manufacturer promised new technology with a touch screen, entertainment system, entertainment and many other details for the comfort of the driver and passengers. You can also expect a small touch of luxury, with leather on the seats or high quality cloth.

Suzuki Equator Crew Cab

However, the images involve a highly improved design of the dashboard and front parts of the cabin, so it will look like a traditional cube interior on an old truck. But the manufacturer is comfortable and we have no reason not to believe it.

2021 Suzuki Equator Engine Specs

The only thing that is the same in the Suzuki Equator 2021 is that the previous model is its engine. A 2.5-liter petrol engine with a capacity of 150 liters. There will be another version of the 2.3 liter diesel model, with 100-150 horsepower planned. Both versions will be available in six and seven automatic transmissions.

Suzuki Equator Parts

Some rumors say that we should even expect an automatic transmission of 8 speeds at higher settings, but it might be better to wait to see this option. Speaking of equipment releases, there will be front-wheel drive models, while special versions will provide a four-wheel drive with larger wheels.

2021 Suzuki Equator Release Date And Price

Suzuki Equator Price

The launch date will be in the middle of 2018. The Suzuki Equator 2021 is expected to be less than $20,000 for the base model.

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