Seat Leon 2019 Model Exterior, Interior, Engine And Price

Saturday, November 3rd, 2018 - Seat

The Seat Leon 2019 may not be radically different from the current model, it’s a new car, something that is probably more visible from the inside. There will be more changes with cleaner design and larger screens so that recreational information is used to control more car systems and improved voice activation. Inside, you can also identify your car with a large digital display that facilitates the tracking of satellite indications.

Seat Leon New Model 2019

The other thing that you will discover is the amplitude of the new car. Impressively, Leon’s wheelbase, the space between the front and rear wheels, has been increased by 50 mm, which gives the car more room for the rear legs. This can also translate into a smaller space for an extra soft bag over two large bags to suit the current car.

Seat Leon 2019 Model Exterior Styling

Details about the Seat Leon 2019 are currently a bit thin on the ground, but the design is probably not completely different from the current car. In the foreground, the new car will still have the elegant design that takes Leon away from his cousin Volkswagen Golf, who shares the same parts. It is likely that the upper grille is larger and shallower, while the lower grille is angular with carved air vents.

Seat Leon 2019 Model

Around the back, it is expected that the wheel arches will be wider and that the complete LED screws will rotate. The models with FR and Cupra style will include larger exhaust pipes and more aggressive bumpers.

Seat Leon 2019 Model Interior Design

Like the design, expect the interior to be like the current car. The SEAT style will make the interior more sporty, however, you should feel more modern and exquisite than the car that is for sale.

Seat Leon 2019 Interior

However, the new information and entertainment system with touch screen will take the initiative to help the board look stylish and elegant.

Seat Leon 2019 Model Engine Specs

The engine range will include two 1.0-liter and 1.5-liter gasoline engines, and a 1.6-liter diesel engine. The current 2.0-liter diesel engine will likely remain the strongest power for any Leon except Cupra, which is good for hauling. The 180hp, 1.8-liter fuel is unlikely to be used in 2019 because it has not been a common option yet.

Seat Leon 2019 Mexico

Rather, there will be an additional hybrid version available from launch that will use GTE Golf Essentials, and in a timely manner there could be a smooth hybrid model with a 48V electrical system to allow the engine to shut off when it drifts again.

Seat Leon 2019 Release Date

Seat Leon 2019 Model Release Date And Price

The Seat Leon 2019 is scheduled to cost the same current model, starting at £18,000, almost the same amount as the Volkswagen Golf, although it expects Leon to come with more conventional equipment. Seat has not yet confirmed the launch of the new Leon, but the summer of 2019 seems likely.

Seat Leon 2019 Price

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